👉 What is Maxe?

Maxe is cloud software for industrial companies (e.g. Manufacturers, Machine OEMs). It is used for maintenance, service and after sales. Our goal is to make the service process easier and grow your after sales revenue.

👀 How does Maxe work?

The main feature is a machine logbook that collects information from various sources such as your Helpdesk or by manual input from a service technician. We use this data for smart features such as recommendation for future problems. Maxe runs in your browser, is easy to use and can be integrated into existing service processes.

👍 What are the benefits? Does it work?

Maxe reduces errors and allows your service to respond faster to problems. It allows you to charge more for After Sales Services. Knowledge gets shared from manufacturer to operators and between e.g. skilled and new people.

It works better than other solutions as we have unique insights into the manufacturing market and learned alot from past experiences and real-world implementations.

🤝 What do I need to get started?

Most companies can just start using the Maxe software. No hardware, IIoT-platform or other service tools are required - but they make Maxe better if available.

🚀 What is the status? Who is using it?

Maxe is currently in closed development and some features might be missing. The first pilot customers are onboarded and use Maxe. Join the waitlist and shape the roadmap with us.

🧑‍💻 Who is building Maxe?

We're a team of software developers - now mostly working at PlanB. - with many years of industrial and manufacturing experience. Service software we have build is used e.g. by Karl Mayer, Voith, AZO, Zeiss, DMG Mori, Liebherr, Dieffenbacher, Miba and many more including smaller OEMs.

🔥 What is the Motivation for Maxe?

Building a next-generation software for industrial after sales. We think current solutions are too complex, hard to integrate and too expensive for many smaller manufacturers.

💸 Pricing and Costs.

The Maxe logbook is free - no costs or ongoing payment required if you signup today. We might later add paid features (e.g. Integrations, Branding).

Companies are paying for our consulting with the setup of the software, training and support. This usually starts at around 10.000€. We highly recommend this option.

How we do this? Beside the development costs - our light-weight infrastructure runs in the cloud and we pay not more than 100€ per month for all of our servers (March 2022).

⭐️ Join the waitlist

You have more questions? Signup for the waitlist and we will setup a free call. We answer your question and will demonstrate Maxe. There are even more advanced features on the roadmap that might excite you.